Luscious Lips

Item #: T001
Type: BigCommerce

Modèle Exquise

Our most aesthetically pleasing yet, this theme is designed for colorful visuals of mood-setting artistry, in addition to a large number of spaces for a wide selection of featured products and sales promotions. This fully responsive template features a page-wide carousel perfect for eye-catching images; works very well for selling cosmetics, candles, and anything else that would use a picture of something other than the product itself to invoke a certain tone. 


Menu Font Icons

Custom thumbnail image icons to accompany menu items in the header, adding to the modern appeal



Clean Navigation

Clear and precise category and sub-category organization, allowing the smoothest browsing experience for all users



Full Width Slideshow

Homepage images that stretch from side to side, allowing for colorful and artistic displays



Image Hover Effects

The ability to zoom, display captions or show secondary images when hovering over a product with the mouse



Sticky Menu

Allow users to still access the main menu no matter where they are on the page, allowing smoother browsing through long lists of products



Homepage Blog Feed with Images

Draw attention to your blog posts with direct links on your landing page




Customizable Homepage Marketing or Brand Image Banner

Tailor your front page to your product and/or service, and create a brand association in the minds of your users



Font Awesome Social Icons

Polished custom icons to link to however you like to connect with your customers



Integrated Style Editor

Easily personalize your website in seconds to give it whatever vibe best suits your product



Instagram Feed

Showoff your current trending hashtags, or just follow whatever's cool right on your homepage


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